Return Path Style Guide [beta]

A front-end framework to help developers, designers, and product managers create beautiful, eminently usable apps our customers love to use.

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Style guides help teams work faster, be more productive, and create better experiences for the end user.

Faster Development

With a shared component library, developers and designers can start working on apps without the need to create interfaces from scratch; prototyping and experimenting become much easier, and new team members can get up to speed in less time. A single codebase for our UI will also cut down time spent on maintenence.

Improved Standards

Style guides set a precedent, demonstrating how designers and developers expect interfaces to function. With potentially hundreds of people working on different projects, having to plan for modular components goes a long way to reducing duplicated code, simplify testing, and creating more sustainable products over time.

Shared Vocabulary

As new features are implemented, having a common reference point can save time when translating from prototypes to production, and prompts cross-disciplinary conversations between team members. Having a shared understanding of how our products are supposed to work will mean our customers end up using solid, understandable products.